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About Light Duty Electric
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Light Duty Electric is committed to satisfying their customers while providing safe and professional service.
Charlton Thermond started Light Duty Electric in 2009 after more than 25 years as an journeyman electrician.  He loved electrical work from the very first day of class at Houston Technical Institute High School.  He went on to join the IBEW apprenticeship in Houston, Texas.  During his many years of working in the electrical trade, Charlton has honed his skills in blueprint reading and interpretation, pipe bending, troubleshooting, repairs, HVAC controls systems, power system installation and testing, panel upgrades, indoor/outdoor lighting, and wiring.

Charlton's philosphy is: Do it right or not at all.  During his many years of electrical experience, he has seen installation done haphazardly and unsafely.  Charlton is safety-conscious and requires all work done by Light Duty Electric to adhere to the NEC code requirement 110.12 - electrical equipment shall be installed in a neat and workmanlike manner.  

Light Duty Electric's estimates reflect work done properly and within code and work is done as agreed upon.

Please contact Light Duty Electric at 760-214-2730 for your next electrical project or repair.  It's our DUTY to get your lights and power working!